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Electrical Service Change from Accurate Electric

There’s a lot to do with your electrical service. Electrical service consists of the meter from a power company, the pipe, the wires inside the pipe, the electrical panel, and the grounding system. A service change or upgrade from Accurate Electric means making sure that your electrical service is up to date.

In most cases, it entails replacing a small fuse box with a modern panel that has breakers. Even if your current panel has breakers, they may be outdated or damaged. This can affect the current flow to your home if not upgraded.

What to Expect in an Electric Service Change

Many people confuse an electrical service change with rewiring a house. But this isn’t true. Upgrading an electrical panel involves a qualified electrician to do the installation. It is not a DIY project. This is unlike rewiring which may involve rearranging your plumbing system or even knocking down walls.

After an electrical service upgrade, your electrical panel will be able to comfortably handle the electric load for your house or business. Things like flickering lights and frequent power tripping will be a thing of the past after an upgrade.

Signs You Need an Electrical Service Change

  • Visible Wear and Tear - If you notice any visible corrosion or damage on your electric panel, then you need to contact a certified electrician to replace it as soon as possible.
  • Missing Shut-off Breaker - Modern electrical service panels are supposed to have a main shut-off breaker. This helps you use a single point to cut power entirely.
  • Still Uses Fuses - If your electric panel still uses fuses, then it means it’s very old and needs replacement. You need to contact a professional electrician to check and replace the fuse with modern breakers.
  • Outdated Wiring or Technology - Although your panel may have a main shut-off breaker, it may still have old and outdated wiring and technology.

Work With Us for All Electrical Service Changes

Whether it is residential or commercial, regardless if it is a new construction or a tenant build-out, Accurate Electric is one of the most trusted electrical companies in Hillsborough County, FL, and the surrounding areas. Our certified and licensed technicians have what it takes to solve all your electrical issues. We have a vibrant customer service team that is easily accessible. Call us or fill out the form today to schedule an electrical service change.