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We Check On Recalled Electrical Panels

Don’t let electrical panel issues compromise the safety of your household or commercial property. Accurate Electric is here to help deal with all kinds of recalled electrical panels in Hillsborough County, FL, and other areas we serve. Given our over 31 years of combined industry experience, we are sure to deliver the results you need.

What Are Recalled Electrical Panels?

An electrical panel is a vital component of your home’s electrical infrastructure. As a homeowner, you would want to be sure you have an electric panel that’s not only functioning well but also safe. Your electrical panel is responsible for keeping all electrical circuits running and appliances working.

Nonetheless, there are popular brands that recalled electrical panels because they posed danger to those using them. Recalled electrical panels are usually outdated – those used before 1990. If your house was built before 1990 and still has its original panel, then chances are you are dealing with a recalled electric panel.


Adverse Effects

Recalled electrical panels pose many hazards. The most common one is fire. Below are three main dangers of failing to replace a recalled or outdated electrical panel.

Electrical fire - The greatest danger posed by recalled electrical panels is fire. Their circuit breakers don’t trip as they are designed to in case of overloading or a short circuit. This often results in an electrical fire.

Electrocution - Statistics indicate that Federal Electric circuits don’t shut down when turned off. They continue sending power to the network even after being switched off. Touching a circuit that’s supposedly off but still on can cause electrocution.

Loss of Insurance - A majority of insurance companies don’t issue policies to homes with certain models of electrical breakers such as Zinsco and Federal Pacific.

What to Watch Out For

Several electrical panel brands have been taken away from the market due to many reported accidents and deaths. Below are the brands to watch out for.

  • Zinsco Panels
    Zinsco-branded electrical panels were reported to have a faulty design that caused electrical shocks and fire hazards. Official reports show that some have even suffered from second-degree and third-degree burns while working on a Zinsco electrical panel.
  • Federal Pacific Electric Panels
    Federal Pacific is considered one of the most dangerous electrical panels. An inquiry conducted in the 1980s showed that one out of four breakers could not prevent overheating or other electrical mishaps.
  • Challenger Electrical Panels
    These electrical panels were installed in the 1980 and 1990s. They were recalled since they posed safety concerns.

Have a Recalled Electric Panel?

At Accurate Electric, we are concerned about the safety of our clients. We can make sure that all electrical panels installed in your home are safe. Contact us today to learn more about recalled electrical panels or to schedule a consultation with our crew.