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The Trusted Name for Electrical Service Upgrades in Hillsborough County, FL, and Nearby Areas

If you are not experiencing electrical problems, then it’s the best time for a service upgrade. But if you already have smelly outlets, tripping breakers, flickering lights, or power surges, then you urgently need an upgrade. That is where the Accurate Electric team comes in, as we specialize in electrical service upgrades in Hillsborough County, FL, and other areas we serve.

Why You Need An Electrical Service Upgrade

Safety - An old electrical panel has minimal effectiveness and efficiency. It may not handle the demand for electrical appliances in your home. Failure of the panel to provide sufficient power to different appliances can cause electrical fires and in some cases electrocution. A service upgrade will significantly reduce the risk of fire and hazards in your home.

More Circuits - We understand that you need more outlets to plug in more electrical appliances. However, forcing circuits on an old panel can cause electrical fires. An upgrade allows you to create a specific circuit for water heaters, air conditioners, and other heavy-duty appliances.

Lower Power Bills - Old electrical panels tend to use a lot of power to meet demands from electrical appliances. Upgrading improves the efficiency of the electrical panel. This means less power consumption, hence reduced electrical bills.

What to Expect

Power Consistency
Old electric panels do not match the power demands of modern devices and appliances. Insufficient power means inconsistent supply that causes overload and trip breakers. With an upgraded electrical panel, you will enjoy a steady power supply.

Enhanced Value
The efficiency of electric panels has a significant effect on the value of a home. If you will consider selling your home soon, electric functionality is vital. Invest in service upgrades to get your property to the premium prices.

Why Choose Our Team

Our extensive experience sets us apart in the market. Our accurate electric diagnosis helps in guiding the service upgrade stage. Our technicians are certified with vast experience in the industry. This guarantees quality products and services. We can also assist with new construction and tenant build-outs

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We understand the importance of great customer service. Our professional and friendly customer service team is always on standby to answer all your questions.

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We have some of the best electricians in Florida who have been in the industry for many years. They can handle almost any electrical issue you can think of.

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Our electric company offers a wide range of services, including electrical panel installation, electrical rewiring, and electrical remodeling among others.

Upgrade With the Best Today

Accurate Electric is composed of professionals, from customer service to technicians. We enjoy a good reputation and positive reviews from a large pool of our regular customers. Schedule an appointment by calling our team or filling out the online contact form today.